Industrial Strength Adhesives

Westech Aerosol Corporation is committed to developing and manufacturing high quality industrial strength and commercial spray adhesives, canister adhesive, Aerosol, and Aerosol Adhesives; we are best known for the formulation of low VOC spray adhesives.

Here you will find the safest and strongest specialty adhesives for a diverse range of applications.

At Westech, our efforts are focused on producing high quality industrial grade spray adhesives. We sell our products in wide variety of markets at a competitive price. With a profound understanding of our customers’ needs and years of industry experience, we continue to develop new products and applications to serve our current and future customers. Westech’s self-contained, environmentally friendly, portable canister system was designed for ease of use. Our canisters, equipped with a reusable hose and gun, eliminates the need for air-assisted adhesive application systems. This approach significantly reduces worker set up and general maintenance time. Its portability enables you to apply adhesive in your facility as well as on the job site.

For your convenience most of our Industrial Strength Spray Adhesives are available in aerosol adhesive spray cans or a canister system.

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Small Firm Wins Second Patent Victory Against Industry Giant
The Patent Trial and Appeal Board at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, on February 4, denied 3M Company's request for a rehearing on the validity of a low VOC canister patent held by Westech Aerosol Corporation.

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