Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Create Your Own Viral eBook in Under 30 Minutes

Sounds impossible, right? Well it's not and in this article I'll show you exactly how you can accomplish this and have your own eBook spreading virally across the internet like wildfire promoting your website, affiliate programmes or any other products that you sell.

Task #1 - Choosing a subject

You need to choose a subject to base your eBook on. It could be any subject at all but ideally you should be interested in it and should know a decent bit of information regarding your subject.

Task #2 - Plan your eBook

Once you've chosen your subject you need to plan your eBook. You should outline the points you want to address and create a basic contents page so you know what information should be included.

Task #3 - Compiling your information

Now you need useful information for your eBook. The normal steps would be to write it all but that can take days or weeks and you only have thirty minutes. So where do you find all this information? Article sites!

You may not know his but you can use other authors' articles from article sites as long as you include their resource box and the article source. Now, you go back to your contents and find articles relevant to your chapter headings and paste them into your eBook. Once you have all your information include an introduction and a conclusion and you have your eBook.

Task #4 - Making money from your eBook

You're not going to make much money from selling your book because people won't be prepared to pay for information which is already available for free. You need to find other methods of monetizing your eBook and the main method is including affiliate links. You can sign up as an affiliate to products related to your eBook and include your unique URL in your product. You could also include links to other products you sell.

Task #5 - Making sure your eBook goes viral

There would be no point in creating this eBook if it's not going to be read so you need to offer incentives to other resellers to ensure they pass your eBook along. One way is to include a PDF brander in the product as this enables the reseller to brand the product with their own affiliate ID. This would be great if they become an affiliate of another one of your higher priced products. Task #6 - Distributing your eBook

There are a many free and low cost ways of distributing your eBook. Here are the free methods.

Firstly, sell it on eBay at a low fee, perhaps 99c. Secondly, if you have a list you could offer it to them for free. Thirdly, include a link to download your eBooks in forum signatures. You could even post a topic advertising your free eBook of there is a relevant forum section. Finally, write articles and include a link to download the eBook in your resource box.

An effective low cost method is to pay for advertising space in ezines. This can lead to hundreds of downloads for not that much money.

Now you know all of the steps which enables you to have a highly profitable viral eBook flying across the internet earning you affiliate commissions and website sales for many years to come.

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