Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Do You Need A Website In Internet Marketing?

One of the most effective, and most used, phrases in Internet Marketing is that you "don't even need a website" to be successful. While it's true, there ARE things you can do without one to some success, having your own domain name grants you freedom and flexibility not possible without a website. So do you need a website in Internet Marketing?

Weblogs make a great substitute to your own website, but cannot be altered so quickly or easily if you should have a new idea you want to try. These may be best for people who have not learned programming languages like HTML, CSS, or Javascript and feel they'd do better with a site with templates they can update in a few minutes. What if you have a new idea completely though? You'll need somewhere to try that idea, and testing would be become a lot easier if your current website is already listed in the search engines. New blogs often take a few days to be listed in the biggest search engines, but with your own website you'd know it'd already be there and can filter traffic to your test pages.

Adwords is a way around a website too. One of it's many uses actually. Without your own website you'd have to send traffic somewhere else. The most likely direction is to an affiliate. This is one of the ways you can make some decent money without your own website, but your success will come from how well you learn to write relevant ads and how effective your affiliate's landing page is. Since you can neither test different versions of their landing pages, in most cases, or update it in way you think would work better, having your own home base of operations definitely has it's stock raised in learning how to promote effectively, both in the ad area and the landing page.

You'll learn more aspects of Internet Marketing with a website than without. You can test more, promote more products, and optimize every site you have to convert best because, through your own testing, you've found a way that works. Since you're not using another's website, like in affiliate marketing, if you have a new idea you can get started doing it even if you have an idea at the middle of the night.

I suggest going with Dreamhost they have a lot of free options and programs just for signing up and offering a lot of freedom to someone who just got a domain for the first time. Shop around however, I'm sure a better deal exists, but I've never had any problems with them.

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Robert Kreuk is the a full time internet marketer and owner of FromHomeBusiness.org. You can now become an affiliate and earn 50% per sale. Download our FREE report on Internet Marketing.

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