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How to get your website listed in Google the PROPER way

Fed up reading the same 5 year old techniques (and having your time wasted repeatedly) on how to get your website listed and ranked on Google?

Well quit wasting your precious time and check out the following exclusive NO NONSENSE article on getting your website into Google with the minimum of fuss and on a completely ethical basis.

It's actually pretty easy to get your site listed though it can take time to consistently achieve high rankings on Google.

Ok, here's the processes you're going to need to do:

Firstly, before you submit your website to Google you will need to make sure your website not only meets their webmaster guidelines but also offers relevant, interesting content to your users.
Your website does offer great content doesn't it?

You'll have to compete with 8 billion other web pages in Google's index. If you're not offering relevant interesting content you are going to have to think again about competing online!

Consider using software like Wordtracker's Keyword Research Tool to help identify niche keywords that will set you apart from your online competition.

Also try using Google's free offering:

External Keyword Tool

Optimizing for search engines ALWAYS starts with keyword research and the process of website optimization moves on from there.

Now your website's written content is as perfect as you can make it you'll need to ensure your website is:

-Structured correctly with a clear tree structure hierarchy
-Making good use of text links
-including actual text that is being used rather than text embedded inside an image - search engines cannot read images at the moment
-Using title tags that are unique and descriptive for each and every page
-using a sitemap to link to every page online
-including a robots.txt file to to instruct Google's robots when they arrive at your site
-Links are all correct with no broken links to parts of your website that do not exist
-You have links from at least 3 to 4 established websites of a similar nature to yours
-Professional optimization for Google has been applied to your website pages by a skilled professional
Now you can submit your new website to Google.

A couple more free website marketing processes to help you on your way...
Apply to Google Sitemaps

Go now to Google Sitemaps and apply TODAY. Once your site is verified - this may take a little time - then you can use a third party tool such as:

Google Sitemap Generator Tool

This tool can generate your XML site map for you. Very simple and very easy.

You'll need to register for this tool and install it as an extension into Dreamweaver - alternatively you can make your own sitemap for Google by easily listing your URL's (web pages) in a text file - see these instructions:

Google Sitemaps (BETA) Help

Using a sitemap assists Google to analyse your site in far greater depth. I am not certain this will likely cause your site to be listed any quicker but the easier you can make life easier for Google the better...

Google Analytics is another way forward

Go ahead and register your website with Google Analytics. This can help measure your site's traffic stats - be aware that because of high demand Google will send you an invitation in due course but be prepared to wait to hear from them.

Google Analytics Registration

If your websites content is not high enough quality then don't expect Google to come back any time soon with an invitation.

When optimizing sites for Google you will need to work at it regularly and often to get the very best results. Unfortunately it's not a 5 minute wave your magic wand solution that is going to bring you traffic. Like any business your success will be down to hard work, spotting a unique position in the marketplace and patience.
How soon will your site be listed on Google?

Depends. If you have identified and targeted focused keywords that Google's users are searching out yet very few websites are competing for then it's possible your site would gain a foothold in their organic search results reasonably quickly. AND THATS THE SECRET TO GETTING LISTED QUICKLY!!!

On the other hand if you're targeting keywords that have hundreds of thousands or even millions of websites competing to get listed on the first page of the search engine's results - well, you've got your work cut out!

Google Optimisation: How to get your site listed in Google was written by Darren Moloney

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Darren Moloney is an experienced UK based Online Marketing & Website Optimization consultant who offers professional SEO and Internet Marketing Consultancy Services to help business websites rank higher in search engines.

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