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Understanding search engine marketing and its methods

Search engine marketing is a set of techniques that make a website visible on search engines and directories. This is done with the intention of attracting customers to the products and services put forth by the company through their website.

Search engine marketing techniques includes optimization of a site, the submission to directories, the use of 'pay-per-click' search tools and keyword related advertising. Therefore it can be concluded that search engine marketing is all about locating, researching, submitting, and positioning a web site within the proper search engines so that it can get maximum exposure to the internet audience. It also includes choosing the right keywords and key phrases for the web site's Meta tags.

The three main methods used in search engine marketing are search engine optimization, search engine advertising and paid inclusion. Search engine optimization, is a method by which a website's structure, and content are improved so that relevant keywords are easily read and understood by the search engine's software programs. This method is important because including keywords which reflects the latest trends and updates, in a website, makes it one which is first available to the visitor.

Search engine advertising, is marketing method by which an organization pays the search engine company in return for a guaranteed high ranking or an ad displayed aside the results. This is also known as pay per click advertising. Paid inclusion is a method where an organization pays the search engine company for a guarantee that their website is included in their natural search index.

Search engine marketing techniques are techniques by which an organization can increase the visibility of a website in search engine results pages or SERPs. These techniques have been developed by search engine marketers. Search engine marketers may be experts or firms exploring the weaknesses and strengths in the optimization methods to find the best way to promote a particular website in search engines. Search engine marketing techniques aim to use the search engine as an advertising vehicle that promotes business.

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